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Social Media and Content Trends for 2022


Social Media and Content Trends for 2022

Struggling to create social media content? Not sure about which platform to invest your time? Check out these 2022 social media marketing and content trends for businesses.

Make New Audiences Your Top Priority

With the help of online platforms and apps, your ability to capture the attention of new brands has never been easier, but you need to make sure you are a part of the story. To reach new audiences, increase brand loyalty and improve your customer services consider creating accounts for all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

When posting on social media, keep quality over quantity in mind but consistency is key. Don’t be afraid to try new things like reels, polls, Q&A or live videos. These features will also help you build stronger connections with your existing customer base.


It might seem like an app specifically for strange dances but TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with an estimated 689 million users worldwide. It is a great way to showcase your business and your brand personality. TikTok is also a great way to highlight your products and/or services in a fun and engaging way.

Hire a Social Media Manager

As many businesses attempts to gain more business through social media platforms, they will seek to hire specific staff to manage social media strategy campaigns. A dedicated social media team can monitor social analytics, participate in industry-specific conversations, experiment with new platforms and trends, all whilst contributing to building a solid brand image and generating more leads.

Augmented Reality

Believe it or not, this will become a preferred way for customers to try products and interact with brands. It can be offered as an interactive experience, and give potential customers to explore your product range. Given its increased popularity and availability over the last few years, AR is likely to be a popular tool for customers when it comes to making decisions about a product or brand.

Social Media Paid Ads

Twitter and Instagram are set to be the most beneficial space to place your paid social media ads. Due to growth in users and the amount of time spent on the platforms it is projected that 70 percent of businesses are planning to invest in Twitter and 63 percent in Instagram.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has played a huge role in the alignment between social media and e-commerce. Many businesses have experienced positive results when using micro-influences and nano-influencers, especially on platforms like TikTok or Instagram. If you have ever considered an influencer partnership, 2022 is definitely the year!

Start a Podcast

Time has always been a consumer concern, so when it comes to consuming the content you create, they prefer something to watch or listen to rather than reading a long blog or article. Podcasts are also a great way to partner with other brands and reach more customers. You can also use your podcast for social media content, from getting photos with your guest to filming your podcasts and creating a number of short snackable highlight videos.

Create Snackable Content

Consumers are learning towards more snackable content, which means content that can be consumed quickly and on the go. TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all ideal platforms for this type of content.

Try Selling Your Products on Social Media

Are you selling your products or gaining leads through social media? This is a trend that has been present for the last few years and will certainly continue into 2022.

Create More Videos

With the success of short and engaging videos like Instagram Reels, the use of video content is set to rise in 2022. Short-form “snackable” videos are more likely to gain traction, so consider Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat Stories, as well as reels and short YouTube videos.

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